Toolchain Installation (Windows)

  • Java (needed for Eclipse which comes with the Toolchain Installer)


After the installation, you can find the PX4 Toolchain at the programs menu.


Source Download

Start the app “PX4 Console”, assuming the toolchain was installed to the default path, 'd:\px4' and you want to save the playuavosd at 'D:\Project'.

CMD1: Change the current directory to the root of device D

CMD2: If there is no folder “Project”, create one. Otherwise, ignore this step

CMD3: Change the current directory to “D:\Project”

CMD4: Using GIT command download the source from github.

Then you will have playuavosd firmware on your disk “D:\Project\PlayuavOSD\”

Build using console command

Change the current directory to “PlayuavOSD” and type “make” command at the PX4 Console. Then you will get the executable file:

The playuavosd.bin can be flashed to chip directly. The start address is 0x8004000. Address before 0x8004000 used for bootloader.

The playuavosd.hex can be used with the OSD config tool. It is automatically generated during the make process.

Build using Eclipse IDE