OSD (On-screen Display)is an image superimposed on a screen picture. When used by a model airplane, it enables the flight data to be superimposed on the camera video and passed to the receiver by video transmitter. The receiver can supervise the flight condition with the real-time image and data.


Board size: 33mm*26mm

  • Dual video inputs, front and rear cameras(real time switch via the remote control)
  • Support multiple types of flight control, such as the mavlink protocol used by APM2.x and pixhawk, UAVTalk protocol used by CC3D and revolution (Beta version), as well as the CAN protocol of DJI (under development).
  • Firmware can be updated with the configuration tools while parameter setting can be done via USB directly.
  • Data transmission is realized with VBI and ground receiver(such as the tracking antenna). The transmission distance is much longer than radio(under development).



PlayuavOSD repository can be found here:

  • The firmware ARM GCC. Build instruction(windows)
  • The configuration tool was written by c# and can be built by Visual Studio 2010(or later).
  • The PCB and schematic files located at “hardware” folder. The files can be opend by Altium Designer. It will be great if someone could help converting to other file formats like Eagle.